Conexus TV is a new channel for financial professionals to share and find information about the critical topics impacting the industry, as well as receive informative reporting on asset classes and products.
If you are a service provider or a financial institution, and you want to share the message about a new product or provide commentary on the industry, Conexus TV enables you to do so in a cost-effective and engaging manner to tens of thousands of your core customers.
Get in touch to find out how we can help you get your message to your most engaged customers.


Karlee Samuels

Business development manager

+61 2 9227 5721

+61 420 561 947

Karlee Samuels is an experienced Sales Manager with expertise in providing tailored, multi-channel solutions to a client’s requirements. She has worked across events, advertising (print, online and email), and video. She is adept at managing new business opportunities, customer accounts and has the ability to quickly understand and align the mission, vision and brand values of an organisation. She has extensive knowledge in the financial sector, with more than eight years’ experience working with sales and marketing directors in top global investment companies.