The Board

Executive board

Steve Stubbs

After studying history at Southampton University, Stubbs began his career in Hong Kong working for a large trading company. Much of the time was spent in exports and shipping, which involved among other things dealing with sweatshop factories in Kowloon and visiting cargo ships in the harbour.
From there, he moved to London, where he became a shipbroker travelling extensively. He was responsible for one of the earlier sales of ships to China as the country started to open up to the outside world following the death of Mao Zedong. During his six years in the shipping business, Stubbs studied accountancy at night school and went on to set up his own property business in London, Redwood Properties. He and his business partner have for over 30 years built the company into a business that owns property in the retail, residential, office, industrial and hotel sectors. Stubbs manages the Finance Director.

Teresa Hope

Hope started her career in lending with National Australia Bank before adding office management and events production to her experience. She has worked with two of Australia’s leading finance publishing and events companies.
After a period of self-employed conference production work, she spent time at market intelligence and research consulting firm brand management before starting with Conexus Financial in January 2007.
Currently the chief financial officer for Conexus Financial, she is also the company secretary.

Non-executive board

John Williams

Williams, a chartered accountant with 18 years’ experience, is the managing director of Lumina Outsourced Accountancy Solutions. Lumina acts as a specialist outsourced accounting and finance department for businesses operating in Australia, delivering proven solutions to meet management and parent-entity requirements, and ensuring businesses are compliant from a financial and an accounting perspective.
Williams is a leading commentator and advisor on accountancy and compliance to the funds management industry in Australia. His clients include several prominent Australian fund managers, including PIMCO.

Joseph Boffa

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne Joseph commenced his business career in the money market and moved into roles in commercial finance, business development and management. Joseph has some 25 years of experience having worked for major domestic and global financial brands predominantly in Private Banking and Wealth Management. He also held Senior Management roles in the commercial sector including; General Manager, Financial Controller and Client Director. Currently he is Vice President for a Global Private Bank where his responsibilities cover strategy and market coverage, client development and service, advisory and sales management.

Joseph also holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, Securities Institute of Australia, CPA qualifications and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Joseph Boffa joined the Conexus Financial Board in 2011